Any Old Ion x turboPISTOLA

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Rewind 3 years ago (ish): I had just joined the October Toys forum to meet like minded toy collectors and artists. One of the first people who caught my attention was Matt Walls, aka mattyboombatty, the founder of Smash Tokyo Toys. The first words of his that I ever read were enlightening, well versed, highly offensive and filled with minty slang that I had never heard before and still use to this day. I was still pretty new to the designer toy scene, but I knew at once that I wanted to work with this guy someday. Matt has a unique vision and design aesthetic that recalls the great Japanese robots of yesteryear, mixed with some straight up off the wall ideas, and he has produced some great figures in the last few years both independently and alongside other companies and artists.

Last December I got an e-mail from Matt asking if I’d like to take a crack at helping him design his next toyline. Hell yes. The mouse had taken the bait. The series was to be an assortment of sofubi mini figures produced in Japan, with interchangeable heads, arms and torsos that, when reconfigured, would amount to hundreds of different figure combinations. I dug in and started drawing. Here are some of the turnarounds from the first month of e-mail collaborations:

There are over 20 pages in all, we shaved it down and sent them off to Velocitron in Japan, who has been the liaison between us and Siccaluna where they are getting sculpted and produced. It’s a global collaboration, a trifecta of awesomeness spanning three continents. Want to see more? Check out the Any Old Ion blog here.¬† Expect these to drop whenever they are finished. Patience is a virtue. Here are a few of the in progress shots of the sculpted figures we’ve gotten back from Japan:


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