Resin drop 2

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

So here it is, the latest Elephantos herd I’ve been planning for months. I’ve wanted to use Solar Dust in my resin for some time now, to achieve a fun effect in my work and to try something new. The idea is simple: add the solar dust to the resin and after it cures, it will change to the original color in direct sunlight. This product is amazing. Little did I know that the dust would make the resin cure a gorgeous creamy color, and it makes the resins properties so much nicer overall. It is milky and smooth, and I have yet to see a single air bubble .

I also wanted to try some different painting techniques over this, just to experiment and see what kind of effects I could achieve. The end result: 7 completely new Elephantos figures for your leisure and enjoyment. Each one is its own edition of  one that will never be recreated. Elephantos is the Defender of Leisure, yours and mine. Each figure is presented as a combination of color effects and a corresponding name applied to our hero’s core form. Any backstory for individual editions can only be determined by the figure’s purchaser. Each figure comes in a 3″ x 3″ box made from recycled postage material and blockprinted with a lino cut.

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