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New Gear!

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New T-Shirts are available now in the SHOP. Get yours before pre-orders close on June 3rd. Front and back printed on high quality shirts. American Apparel for the guys and Bella for the girls.

Fresh paint!

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5-13ad.2 5-13ad box2 calbag


Available now HERE


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Go green with me today at 4:20 pm eastern, HERE . All new Resin figures, Custom Toys and original artwork will be available. turboPISTOLA brings big fun to your wonky compound.

A huge thanks to Wolf at who’s innovative products make it possible for me to continually try new things and get the kind of thrilling results you see in the pictures. Go check him out, his product line continues to grow….

Thank you my friend!


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Tonight at 9pm eastern…

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5lions glow1 scamset

This wave has been a blast to come up with, I have been getting a lot of inspiration from color combinations that caught my eye as a child. The Scam and 5 Lion editions are testament to this. Also on deck for tonight are the first naked resin figures I have ever released, as well as the debut of the Fire Sword and Wield Mace accessories!

Also, a big thanks to Wolf at, his amazing products were used in a lot of these new resin figures.

Big fun. All day. turboP


Here are some of the art cards I’ve been working on for the drop:


Art for a good cause! Look at all these amazing designs from artists all around the globe. These designs are part of an effort for peeps to build a skatepark in Des Moines. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here and score yourself some great art while supporting a great cause.

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 7.38.27 PM Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 7.38.43 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 7.39.01 PM


Here is the design I submitted. The ION MEN are coming!

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 11.33.18 AM



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9pm Eastern tonight HERE


Get full…

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Aaaaaaaaawwwwww yeah. This boy’s got some new artwork for sale. Peep this massacre going down tonight at 9, here:





Fun with toys…

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Here are some recent OMFG! customs that will be dropping tomorrow night, 2/4/13 at 9pm eastern time at my new WEBSHOP. 15 figures in total: New, better hand made boxes, and even some mini stretch canvas paintings! Big fun for your wonky familia courtesy of turboPISTOLA.


everlasting peachesncream group.shot.boxes.posession. copy.boxes

Available now at


Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 2.46.49 PM

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Any Old Ion x turboPISTOLA

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Rewind 3 years ago (ish): I had just joined the October Toys forum to meet like minded toy collectors and artists. One of the first people who caught my attention was Matt Walls, aka mattyboombatty, the founder of Smash Tokyo Toys. The first words of his that I ever read were enlightening, well versed, highly offensive and filled with minty slang that I had never heard before and still use to this day. I was still pretty new to the designer toy scene, but I knew at once that I wanted to work with this guy someday. Matt has a unique vision and design aesthetic that recalls the great Japanese robots of yesteryear, mixed with some straight up off the wall ideas, and he has produced some great figures in the last few years both independently and alongside other companies and artists.

Last December I got an e-mail from Matt asking if I’d like to take a crack at helping him design his next toyline. Hell yes. The mouse had taken the bait. The series was to be an assortment of sofubi mini figures produced in Japan, with interchangeable heads, arms and torsos that, when reconfigured, would amount to hundreds of different figure combinations. I dug in and started drawing. Here are some of the turnarounds from the first month of e-mail collaborations:

There are over 20 pages in all, we shaved it down and sent them off to Velocitron in Japan, who has been the liaison between us and Siccaluna where they are getting sculpted and produced. It’s a global collaboration, a trifecta of awesomeness spanning three continents. Want to see more? Check out the Any Old Ion blog here.  Expect these to drop whenever they are finished. Patience is a virtue. Here are a few of the in progress shots of the sculpted figures we’ve gotten back from Japan:

resin drop 5

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This drop is the most ambitious to date, I wanted there to be something for everyone this time around. I hope that I have created something that is worthy of a place on your shelves. The “Imagination is King” edition is probably my personal favorite of all of ELEPHANTOS figures thus far. He is the first of his kind, brandishing something solid to cut this world wide and deep.

Available now in the shop!

They grow up so fast…

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There are still 7 days left to get in on OMFG! series 2 and help us get our toys made. We have breached our funding level, but still need a bit of funding to cover the pledges that don’t get fulfilled for various reasons. Own a piece of designer toy history for a measly 10 bucks! How cool is that? Click on this thing and check it out! The picture above is the Cuddlehard prototype among some of his cohorts from series 1.

In other OMFG! news, series 1 has been nominated for 2 Designer Toy Awards, in the Fan Favorite and Best Mini Figure Series categories. We are proud of our baby.

It’s a beautiful thing.


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It was brought to my attention five minutes ago that this blog was hacked this morning. I deleted the post, as it was some kind of money making scheme, and involved adult content. Some of my viewers may have even received  e-mails, and I would like to apologize to anyone who did. I’ll be keeping a close eye on things to make sure it doesn’t happen again and hopefully find out how they were able to cut in. For all the wonderful things on the internet, there is an equal amount of crap I guess…

… actually it has been for some time, I am just a bit slow in posting this. Do you like my art? You’re looking at this page, so I’m assuming you do… go get sum!!! Check it:
This project originated from the fabulous group of artists, designers, and toy enthusiasts that have gathered at the October Toys/Toy Break forum ( After a successful campaign to produce the first OMFG series (available now at many retail locations), hundreds of character ideas were submitted from all around the world and the forum voted for their favorite designs to be put in to production for the second series.

OMFG! Series 2 consists of five figures including:

1. Puke Knight designed and sculpted by Jared DeCosta (aka redjarojam) from Massachusetts

2. Shirtle designed by Kenjitron from Hawaii and sculpted by George Gaspar from Los Angeles

3. Cry-Borg designed by Andrew Scribner (aka RuFuS) from Rhode Island

4. Cuddlehard designed and sculpted by turboPISTOLA from Tennessee

5. Grimm Gourd concept by ScruffyNerfHrdr from Kansas, designed by Charles Marsh (aka Monsterforge) from South Carolina, and sculpted by Mike Fleming Jr (aka M-Flem-Jr) from Colorado

So what are you waiting for ??? Go here and pledge now, the incentive levels are great. Be a part of this legendary toy series, and support me and my friends ! 

A set of custom Dunnys for a groom and bride to be on their special day.Image

resin drop 4

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Seven new ELEPHANTOS resin figures are available in the store. Each one is custom painted and unique, and comes in a block-printed box. 100% hand made. turboPISTOLA brings big fun for your wonky familia. Buy them here:


Cuddlehard for the win!

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Recently I was fortunate enough to get picked for OMFG! series 2, from October Toys and the October Toys forum. Myself and a handful of other artists get the honor of having our characters get immortalized in pvc for this innovative and exciting toy line. Production will take months, so do try and be patient. For now just hear the story of Cuddlehard, and judge him not by the caliber of his swagger. Congratulations to the other winners and thank you to all who voted!


Resin drop 3

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I’ve recently finished work on some new Elephantos figures, including some glow-in-the-dark editions as well as some customs. They will be available Thursday, March 29th at 11:30 central time here:


OMFG! original illustrations

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OMFG! illustrations by yours truly, done on 8×10 cold-press watercolor board in pen, marker, and watercolor. A couple of them have some details done in colored pencil and acrylic paint. Each is it’s own unique piece of art, and each one is signed in pencil on the back. I designed them so that they will look boss in a frame, with no elements touching or coming too close to the edge.
I wanted to do this to celebrate our success in producing this toy line. It’s my way of saying thank you to everybody. I had fun and learned a lot doing these, and I hope you guys like them. A couple of them have been sold, but pictures of the available ones are shown below. Each one is $20 + shipping and handling, and can be purchased here:

When ordering from the shop, be sure to include the number of the piece from the list below.









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Here is my submission for series 2 of the OMFG! toy series from the October Toys Forum. His name is Cuddlehard, and he’s sculpted out Super Sculpey firm, Super Sculpey and Magic Sculpt. If he is selected I am going to clean up some of his seams and smooth his surfaces out a bit before I send him off. If he doesn’t get selected than at least I have an awesome custom for my OMFG collection. 😀
I have been working on him for months, and aside from a few minor cosmetic flaws he is exactly the figure that I set out to create. He is a dirty, low down scandalous motherf@#&er, the self proclaimed “Long arm of love”. Disgusting if you ask me.


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Getting closer…

Hello 2012

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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported me in 2011. Every piece of art that I sell brings me one step closer to being able to do this full time. To every one that backed OMFG and to all those that Elephantos collectors out there. Thank you. You know who you are. I can’t forget all of the other artists’ out there. People I’m working with or have yet to work with: Thank you, for continuing to push the designer toy/ resin medium forward and inspiring me to always push a little farther. I will crush you all;)

Going into the new year, I’ve got some pretty exciting stuff underway that I’ll be showing off soon. Big fun for your wonky familia. Here’s a progress shot for something I’m cooking up for my partners in crime on the October toys forum. It’s watercolor and ink on coldpress board. 8×10. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished art.


3 more Elephantos available now !

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Elephantos: Island Defense Edition is now available at the Rusted Nail Gallery’s online shop !! Limited to 3 handpainted resin figures, this series is a Rusted Nail Gallery exclusive, and comes bagged with a header card of my making. I gotta thank Danny from Rusted Nail, not only for helping to give Elephantos some exposure at his gallery, but also for pushing the resin movement forward and generally being an awesome dude.

$25 here:

Resin drop 2

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So here it is, the latest Elephantos herd I’ve been planning for months. I’ve wanted to use Solar Dust in my resin for some time now, to achieve a fun effect in my work and to try something new. The idea is simple: add the solar dust to the resin and after it cures, it will change to the original color in direct sunlight. This product is amazing. Little did I know that the dust would make the resin cure a gorgeous creamy color, and it makes the resins properties so much nicer overall. It is milky and smooth, and I have yet to see a single air bubble .

I also wanted to try some different painting techniques over this, just to experiment and see what kind of effects I could achieve. The end result: 7 completely new Elephantos figures for your leisure and enjoyment. Each one is its own edition of  one that will never be recreated. Elephantos is the Defender of Leisure, yours and mine. Each figure is presented as a combination of color effects and a corresponding name applied to our hero’s core form. Any backstory for individual editions can only be determined by the figure’s purchaser. Each figure comes in a 3″ x 3″ box made from recycled postage material and blockprinted with a lino cut.

Scroll down to purchase.


Elephantos’ last stand ???????

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Casting is complete and painting has begun on the next batch of Elephantos! These bad boys are cast from resin that changes color in sunlight! Here they are indoors:

… and heres what they look like in the sun:

These will be available soon, so stay tuned for more info.


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An assignment from earlier this year: redesign an existing album cover along with collateral promotional material. I chose “Room on Fire” by the strokes, and tried to break the imagery  down to the bare bones of the title.


resin drop

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ELEPHANTOS: defender of leisure is finally ready to stomp his way into your life. After about a year of trial and error, mold making, casting, and buying supplies, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This release has been a long time coming. I have put alot of energy, time, resources, and love into learning to sculpt, mold and cast my own resin figures, and Elephantos is my first offering in this arena. I hope you like him. He is 2 inches tall, and bulky. You won’t want to put him down. Buy one. Your time has come.

7 different original versions are available now for $20 each !

Buy Elephantos HERE

Currently in production: clear and color changing versions….. stay tuned.

13 stories haunted house

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I haven’t been to good about updating my blog in the last couple of months, been very busy working at 13 stories in Kennesaw GA. The legendary haunted attraction has spawned countless myths and urban legends across the country since it’s opening in 2004. It has been great to be back on the creative side of the industry after a couple years away.

13 stories consists of 2 attractions. One is 13 stories, the main show which is located indoors, and Bigtop Secret, which is outdoors and has a 3-d military / circus clown theme. This is where most of my time has been spent, I designed the logo, painted the facades, painted the entire show, designed some apparel, stickers, signs, etc. It really is a dream job from an artist’s point of view.

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My first resin figure “Elephantos” is currently in production! He is about 2.5 inches tall, and should be ready to stomp his way into your life in October. Here are some shots for ya, he is also going to be in the Resin Sux group show at the Rusted Nail Gallery in Mesa AZ running throughout August and September.

The image on the box is photoshopped, the actual image will be block printed.

WTF is this all about ???

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For the past few months I’ve been involved with a massive collaboration taking place on the October toys forum and it continues to be an amazing experience. The goal of the project was to produce a series of 2 inch mini figures (kind of like the M.U.S.C.L.E. toys from the 80s) that were designed by members of the forum. Over 40 designs were submitted and we eventually had a vote to determine which 5 would make up the 1st series. Once that was complete our fearless leader and weekly Toybreak host, George Gaspar, used his manufacturing connections overseas to determine what it would cost to produce, and how much money it would take to make our dream a reality. $11,000 is the magic number that we need to raise in order to make it happen, and we have begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money. People that pledge money to our cause will receive some amazing stuff created by artists from the project, including a sticker and t-shirt designed by me and this kick ass poster from Ralph Niese, the artist behind the Glyos comics:

So far we have raised almost $4000, and we have 58 more days to raise the rest. Visit the OMFG! Kickstarter campaign here : and check it out, I think you will like what you see !!

and we have a winner…..

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Im proud to say that my Lucha Libre poster won a Mosaic award from the American Advertising Federation! I wasnt there to receive it, but someone from my school accepted it for me. This experience has definitely inspired me to enter more shows and competitions, something I’ve never done up until now.

Wish me luck!

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Entered this Cinco De Mayo Lucha Libre Poster in the Nashville 2011 Mosaic awards yesterday. 1st art contest I’ve entered. The theme is “diversity in advertising”. I feel pretty good about it.

For Japan

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The smoke Dunny in the middle will be available to purchase soon as part of Troy Stith’s “Kaiju for Japan” benefit sale. All proceeds will go to helping victims of Japan’s recent disasters. A great cause, and much respect to Troy for organizing the sale. Check it out here:

Puma billboard/product page

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Some recent schoolwork. I’ve been trying to mix in more traditional elements with my digital stuff. I’m pretty happy with the results, and it’s refreshing to get away from the computer every once in a while and just draw.

package design

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mold-making and casting

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Finished up these smoke dunnys today, so shiny !!!

Glyos custom

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Wanted to try my hand at customizing one of these for a while, so heres the result: Big fun.

So here they are: Nine Dunnys that are bleeding out in an array of wonderful colors. Shit happens, I guess. We abide.

latest project…

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Here is a work in progress shot of a series of custom Dunnys I’m working on, more to come….

Battle Damage Boris!!

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Finished this guy today….


Peoples Henchmen on Toybreak!!!

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If you’ve never seen Toybreak, you need to start watching it, these people are the salt o’ the earth. I recently sent them one of The Peoples Henchmen series and they opened it on this weeks show. I was incredibly stoked to see them enjoy the fruit of my labor. You can (and will) view it here:

Custom Peecol shipping out

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There’ something about custom packaging that I find fun. Heres a peecol in a header bag I sold on the bay today….

Dont sleep. 3 remaining…….

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If you want to buy the fifth Henchman, go here:

“Wanna Paint” ad campaign

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A little stencil action….

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Custom packaging is where its at, this is what the Peoples Henchmen shipping box looks like:

Damn its nice to be through with this project. I did have a lot of fun doing it though. I think its good to try new artistic endeavors, and I’d been wanting to do a series of custom toys for a while. So now thats checked off the to-do list. Anybody who is interested in getting their  mitts on one of these guys can do so here:

Im going to be selling one per week auction style starting at a buck on ebay.  I thought this would be a cool way to sell them. I wanted to get alot of exposure for the toys, seeing as how I worked my ass off on them. lol. Do people still use “lol”? Who cares. lol. Also I enjoy selling on ebay. You can really tell how much something is worth by seeing how much somebody will actually pay for it.  Heres the new poster and the first figure all bagged up and ready for a loving home….

The People’s Henchmen

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The People’s Henchmen is a series of 8 custom 3 inch Dragon Minis that I originally got off E-Bay for $1 each. Here to save the world from the draconian globalist bankers and robber barons, they appear  out of thin air in the private offices of the worlds most powerful families and organizations, splattering the walls with the blood of the oligarchs! Get your hands on one soon! Each figure will be packaged in a header bag and include an 8.5×11 poster.  Stay tuned for release date and order info. Here is a pic of the poster followed by some pics of the crew. Enjoy!

heres what they looked like pre-op.

Recent customs…

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I sculpted out the front of this Dunny’s face with super sculpey and hacked off his left ear and both arms. I replaced his arms with Bic Buddy arms, and turned his head so that the ear becomes his nose. Then I sculpted a hat, did a bit of sanding and painted this dasterdly basterd:

“JawBreaker” Another custom dunny, painted like a jawbreaker candy, chopped up and rockin the bottlenose:

“Greed” The name says it all, acrylic:

8″ GID Qee. Acrylic and paint marker:

Peecol. aerosol and marker:

The Daisy

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Here’s an illustration I did for school, its 18×24 inches marker and paint on Bristol. It’s a picture of me in the future, scouring the wasteland for signs of life in my battle-torn MGU. You don’t want to know what that stands for, believe me. Hope you enjoy it.

The making of the Daisy

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This illustration started in my sketchbook, as most good ideas do. Its basically marker, pen, spray paint and acrylic on Bristol board. After the figure is all drawn out and colored I cover the piece in friskit paper and mask off the sides. Then very carefully I cut around the figure and discard the friskit that was covering up the negative space. Now my figure, or “MGU unit” (I wont tell you what it stands for) is all masked off. Next I triple check all my masks and then  spray paint the entire piece until the grey is nice and uniform. Next I splatter some black and pearl white paint and when that dries the fun part: removing the friskit and the masking!! (carefully of course). Voila! There you have it.

Some not-so-recent customs…

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Hail Caesar!
The first vinyl i painted. 2009
A munny i did for my nephew.

not-so-recent customs cont’d.

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“McGooch” 10 inch MAD*L, 2009?


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Northstar Ad version 2

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The Hurt locker DVD wrap

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….and this is the dvd cover wrap around. (Click on it to see  the whole thing)

The Hurt Locker Poster

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This was part of my final project in photoshop class last semester.

It’s been a while….

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So its been almost a year since Ive updated this blog but I swear Im going to be doing it regularly from now on. If anybody is reading this: thank you, youre probably the only one!

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Weapon of Choice

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prismacolor markers and india ink on bristol board

prismacolor markers and india ink on bristol board

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Dick Cheney

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color wheel

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HPIM0733Color wheel assignment from 1st semester


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HPIM0791Ol Dirty Bastard in black and white colored pencil

I like big butts…

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color depth

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HPIM0774four colors

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HPIM0772an abstract version

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pencil render

color theory

“The Lab” This was my final project for color theory class.

So Here’s the deal….

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My name is Daniel Smith and Im a graphic design bachelor student about to start my 3rd semester. Im going to be using this page to show everything I do in school and out of school. Hope you enjoy it.


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more 2nd semester stuff....

more 2nd semester stuff....

2nd semester figure drawing

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figure drawing

Another Variation…

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 I like this one better....

I like this one better....

Clown Haus

My name is Daniel Smith.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!